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About Aprobiz

Aprobiz was incorporated in 2014 to initially serve the real estate investment industry, a historically underserved market for technology. We seek to build a cross generational consulting firm where professionals can become masters of their craft and help our industry clients address complex business and technical challenges more effectively than any other firm.

We firstly, began with real state sector by developing softwares and websites to promote and manage real state business. After that we move to the educational sectors(schools, colleges, universities) and develop software related to education system and management system. Then we move towards hospitals, tourism, hotels and many more by developing software and websites for them and now we also provide business applications for private companies and industries

We provide every type of e business solution from software solution to internet marketing. Our expertise team of engineers always try to make good and effective products to our customer. We bought together the requisite hardware, software, networking, data -centre and on ground activation required for successful launch and management of every type e-solution required for your company’s business. Aprobiz has enough experience, capability and capacity to solve any type of e-business problem. We have done many successful projects from several states of INDIA. We also done some government and international project and grown our company globally. So no matter where you are from, we are here to provide always a good quality of solution to our customers.